Placement of Furniture does make a difference

In our last blog we talked about finding the right furniture. Buying the right furniture is crucial but their placement is also equally important. Below are few things to consider when placing the furniture:

Functionality: Fully understanding the function of the room is important. There is a difference in how furniture is placed if you are hosting people in the room, vs. using it for family entertainment like watching TV.

Make functionality the center of your furniture placement plan.

Center focus: Center focus refers to that one thing in the room you want to draw the attention. If you are hosting people in the room, it might be a large painting in the wall and if you are using it to watch TV, TV is the center focus.

Place your furniture so that most of them face towards the center focus.

Big comes first: Place your biggest furniture first. For a living room, place your largest size couch first, again facing the center focus.

Place the other furniture to work around the large one.

Flow of people: Understand the flow of people. Avoid any furniture or large pieces of decoration around where people would walk on a regular basis. This might be your path between the doorways.

Keeping the pathways open also provides an open feel to the room.

Ease of use: One another important factor to consider when placing furniture is the ease of use. Place table within easy reach of every seating. Place a reading lamp on the table next to a reading chair. It is not just the convenience but also makes the room put together with a lot of thought into it.

 ~At House of Interiors we believe everyone deserves a beautiful home~