We would like to provide you with a simple few rules of thumb in decoration that can help make the process of finding the right furniture and decor easier. The process of finding the right furniture could be tricky but if you follow the given provided tips then 90% of your work will get completed.

Let’s first start with the basics of every room:

Living Room

If it is a living room, start with a sofa, side table and a coffee table before you add any more furniture or decor.

Bed Room

If it is a bedroom, start with a bed and a dressing table. The basic furniture can drive the rest of the decoration in any room.

Quality of Material

Furniture’s are an investment. It is not something you replenish on a regular basis, so look for a high-quality wood for structure and quality fabric to make the furniture seem timeless and long lasting.

       Organization of Furniture

Coordinating the different pieces in a room is a must to make it look organized and planned. Once you have the basic furniture picked out, find few items to compliment the basics. For example, adding an arm chair with a fabric to coordinate with your sofa can add style to your room.Adding a set of couches and a small coffee table to your bedroom can make the room look cozy and comforting.

One another concept to consider for any decoration is to know your theme and following it. Understanding the difference between the modern, contemporary, traditional, casual and industrial look will help define the different kind of furniture and decor you buy.

 ~At House of Interiors we believe everyone deserves a beautiful home~